The Evolvers Group is a management and technology consulting firm that believes in the power of the idea. We deliver extraordinary value to clients by designing and executing innovative & profitable business and system strategies through emergent technologies. We offer our clients expertise in project management, methodology, business analysis, design and architecture.

Company's mission statement


“To enable companies to evolve in-step with new technologies and to create market leadership by providing innovative technology and business enhancing solutions.”



The Evolvers Group is an established technology and business consulting firm spun-off in 2001 from its parent company. Evolvers incessantly seeks to find the optimum solution for our clients by working closely with them to specifically understand their needs and requirements. No two requirements are the same, and so it is with solutions. Therefore, we believe it is our responsibility to offer custom-made solutions rather than provide a cookie-cutter approach to clients' requests.

Our clients' ever-changing needs drive us to find innovative solutions, fresh candidates, and to implement technological advancements. Business and technology is not static; it is constantly evolving. We must evolve with our clients; thus, The Evolvers Group.

Since its inception, Evolvers has focused on providing sound software design, architecture and methodology to the software industry that conventionally executed projects with a code-test-deploy cycle. Evolvers' founders realized that the business processes, requirements and proper design played a very important role in developing solutions that could evolve with changing business needs and new technologies. To meet these ever-evolving needs, Evolvers will ensure that solutions are scalable, flexible, configurable, maintainable, and inter-operable.

Evolvers Business Model

Evolvers helps companies evolve with technology, helping them create value through technology evolution


Goals Well Connected Unrivaled Expertise
It is our aim to create value to clients by providing the most cost effective, high quality, end to end business solutions. This in turn delivers results, which makes us the preferred consultant and partner for the state agencies & companies alike. Therefore, our overriding goal is to create value and deliver results. The Evolvers Group, act as an advisor to find out the best solution for business needs and strategies. Based on the needs, our experts provide the perfect IT solution that suits for an organization. We have a successful approach of collaborating with clients to identify business concerns, enabling our team to recommend and implement the most effective solutions. Our expertise has been recognized by all our clients, we served. Evolvers, consistently achieved high levels of customer satisfaction (70% repeat business).


• Data Strategy for Local Municipality

For the City as a whole to do better long-term planning, one needs to step back and create a plan, a strategy, a roadmap…where data is shared and integrated across the departments…where City can do Predictive Analytics… especially with the massive amounts of data cities collect each day. Evolvers’ business strategy team interviewed the City departments, audited and evaluated the current systems for metadata, data elements, data security, and governance, to produce a current state assessment. The team also captured the City’s business needs, leadership’s vision, industry best-practices and current technology enablers to perform Gap Analysis, SWOT Analysis and prepare the strategy and roadmap for the City. Managing and analyzing the city data will facilitate more intelligent and efficient use of the city resources.

• Program Management Office (PMO)

The Evolvers Group has extensive experience creating strategies, plans and roadmaps that can be blueprints for different projects that follow the common framework, and would like to offer these services. Establishing a basic PMO with strong foundation, based on our requirements it can be further matured. The Evolvers Group, created and supported a Program Management Office (PMO) for a large state agency, to provide the project guidance and executive reporting. Evolvers coordinated the program spanning multiple projects across various in-house and external vendor’s teams. Evolvers made the program a big success by managing the risk and delivery a solution on proper time.

• Business Analytics

Business Analytics is the practice of methodical exploration of an organizations data with emphasis on statistical analysis. The Evolvers Group can help you make use of Business Analytics to take data-driven decisions. As a part of dealing with Business Analytic projects, Evolvers perform data analysis and create reports for various defined performance measures and metrics. The Evolvers Group, interacts with clients & gather their raw data and convert them into useful information. Evolvers, with the help of MicroStrategy created some impressive management dashboards, performed comprehensive with sophisticated statistical and big data analysis and enabled ad-hoc reporting for Mystery Shoppers data.

• Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)

The firm has an expertise in strategic planning, enterprise architecture and providing geographical information systems consulting to leverage industry best practices and align with business strategy initiatives. Evolvers has a strong team of business methodologists and GIS technologists. Successfully updated and migrated legacy GIS system to the latest ESRI ArcGIS suite and integrated with business applications to provide an enhanced geospatial experience to the customers.

• Data Repository

The Evolvers Group, collects all the raw data from all the sections and converts them into a meaningful information. In dealing with the data repository projects, Evolvers applied ETL (extract, transform, load) process to migrate the raw data. Based on the collected data, Evolvers created data marts for a particular area and a data warehouse for entire historical and present data with applies all analytical process.

• Commercial Card Project

Evolvers has a strong financial/banking background, which is being utilized by a large financial institution to develop a series of applications for internal and external customers and build gateway to back-end legacy systems for processing of transactions.

• National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance

Evolvers team is tasked with analysis, design and enhancement of software solution to make it NEPA compliance for a large US State agency.